Tips On Transforming The Garden of a New Property

WHEN YOU MOVE into a new home it’s obviously important to get to grips with all the essential jobs that make the place livable and comfortable. This means tackling interior issues and design straight away. However, it’s also wise to pay the garden some attention. Sorting your new garden out is a great way to make the […]

Lawn Care Tips

EVERYONE STOPS to admire a healthy garden, that’s a fact, but no matter how many blooming trees and flowers you have in there, your garden won’t look healthy until your lawn is a lush green carpet, ready for the spring. In order to get the lawn that’s on the front of the lawn care bottles […]

Top Five Essential Gardening Tools

Similar to every trade, gardening demands some essential tools in order for a garden to be maintained at its optimum. Whether you are a budding gardener with a shed full of the most innovative gadgets and tools a gardener could lay his or her hands on, or you are a complete beginner with not so […]

Hardscaping: Why is it Necessary in a Landscape Design?

HOW MANY TIMES have you found yourself looking into your garden, appreciating your well arranged foliage and flower beds, yet still feel that the overall design of your landscape just doesn’t feel right? The combination of greens and blooms are gorgeous, but somehow you know that something is lacking and it is starting to make […]

4 Garden Pests That Can Be Controlled Naturally

Owning a garden can be like having a little slice of heaven in your own backyard. Unfortunately, your little paradise may be overrun by nasty little devils known as garden pests. These critters can wreak havoc even on the most beautiful gardens, especially if they’re left alone. So you will want to act fast. The […]