Be Wise: Winterize!

It’s that time of year again. Summer is giving way to fall, and the colors will soon be changing. Your yard and garden will be changing too. Before the cold weather sets in, why not take steps now to make sure your home is ready for old man Winter? If you need help with any […]

Landscaping Begins on Paper

We have seen it happen: the property owner doesn’t want to take time to get ideas down on paper. Basic instructions are given to the crew. Then, half-way through the project, there’s a change of plans. Time is wasted. Frustration ensues. Don’t do that — not to your crew and not to yourself. Always begin a […]

Garden Decor

YOU KNOW LIFE is good when you’re able to sit and enjoy your own garden area. If you need help with your special spot, the team at Rent A Son can help. From design to prep work and finish — we are on your side. But whether you are focused on vegetable gardening, herb gardening, a […]

Tips On Transforming The Garden of a New Property

WHEN YOU MOVE into a new home it’s obviously important to get to grips with all the essential jobs that make the place livable and comfortable. This means tackling interior issues and design straight away. However, it’s also wise to pay the garden some attention. Sorting your new garden out is a great way to make the […]

Hardscaping: Why is it Necessary in a Landscape Design?

HOW MANY TIMES have you found yourself looking into your garden, appreciating your well arranged foliage and flower beds, yet still feel that the overall design of your landscape just doesn’t feel right? The combination of greens and blooms are gorgeous, but somehow you know that something is lacking and it is starting to make […]